Our $0/month plan

At Lunar we don't have monthly fees. Instead, we provide unlimited online access for apps and calling/texting in 24-hour blocks.

What you get

Cost / 24 hrs

Incoming Calls & Texts
Outgoing Calls & Texts
25¢ for unlimited calls & texts / 24 hrs
Apps using WiFi
Apps not using WiFi
25¢ each app / 24 hrs
Example Usage

Unsure of how our pricing works? Here's an interactive example of you what you might pay a day using Lunar. Click on the buttons and apps to get a total cost per day.

Select any to check pricing

Grey = Inactive | Color = Active


Calls and Texts = $0.00


Apps Used Only On WiFi = FREE


Apps Used Off WiFi = $0.00

Total cost / 24 hours: $0.00